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With offices in Bethesda, MD, Columbia, MD, and Select Mobile Services

Let Oasis be a part of your solution for chronic pain, bladder and bowel problems, sexual issues, pregnancy, postpartum, menopause transition & beyond.

Welcome to Oasis!

We offer a full spectrum of support from preconception, pregnancy, to postpartum rehab.  We are the only clinic in the region providing Mercier Therapy, deep pelvic organ visceral manipulation for infertility.


Help is available for all genders for pain, urinary, bowel, & sexual issues by expert, specialized pelvic floor therapists.


We are Spinning Babies enthusiasts offering labor push-prep and postpartum bodywork with Bengkung belly binding ancient traditions.



"Sonya is a very thoughtful and compassionate professional. Her calm demeanor helped me work through my issues. She quickly identified my problem areas and provided guidance and strategies for a successful path forward. I highly recommend her!"

V. Clark

"Sonya is wonderful! She is very knowledgeable and helped to completely resolve my issues when regular PT did not. I highly recommended her!"

K. Nguyen

"I wanted to thank you for all of your work with me… this past week my husband and I have started having sex! And while there’s a bit of pain, it’s getting better! I never thought I’d be able to do this, and it’s because of your kind and thoughtful approach that we got here. You’re the reason my pelvic floor is so much healthier and I can actually consider a natural birth!"

Mrs. V

"I went to Sonya for pelvic floor therapy for vaginismus. Sonya was kind, patient and informative. She emphasized stress reduction techniques, and additionally we worked on dilator therapy and biofeedback. I always felt comfortable and relaxed during our sessions. She was funny, warm and personable and has a calming voice and personality. In working with her, I was able to gain the tools and resources I needed to improve my intimate health. I continue to implement what I learned with her and would recommend her to any woman who needs support with their pelvic health. "


The Oasis 3R Method of Treatment is YOUR Solution


Why Choose Oasis PT & Pelvic Health?

Treated by a True Specialist

The Oasis team has ~ 20 years of experience exclusively treating pelvic floor issues. Pelvic health is complex and you need expert care. Our staff is passionate about pelvic health and have dedicated their career solely to this specialty. You will never see someone who is juggling other caseloads, “testing the waters” or has only taken a single weekend course. It is all we do!


Staff leads with Compassion & Empathy

We have been former patients and completely understand! As musculoskeletal experts, our core values are holistic, highly skilled, compassionate care. We hope you feel at ease while you are here.


Healing “Vibes”

Oasis was designed with you in mind. You will be greeted with snacks and drinks. We have private rooms in a calm, trauma-informed environment with optional bed warmers. You won’t be behind a curtain or in a large gym discussing intimate concerns.


Exclusive 1:1 Concierge Care

You will never be shuffled off to a Tech during your 60 minute sessions. You have a primary PT who knows your story, knows your body, and knows your goals. You will receive care and support between sessions if concerns or questions arise between visits.


Dynamic Sessions

You will never spend your session hooked to a machine just doing kegels. You get hands-on care and activities that get you up off the table! We use a variety of pelvic, orthopedic, visceral and other techniques for optimal results. We’ll look head-to-toe, beyond just the pelvic floor, to understand the entire system.


Solutions based Care

After a comprehensive 75-90 minute evaluation, we find your “why” and develop a plan of care personalized to your goals. Our 3R signature method is focused on your solution, not dictated by insurance restrictions or when benefits run out. Whether your goals are prevention of problems, treatment of issues, or simply long-term maintenance support care for lasting results, we got you!


Holistic Service

We not only focus on movement, but other foundations of health including nutrition, sleep, and stress management. You get exclusive access as we host workshops, classes, and collaborate with other providers for integrative health.

There’s a wide range of experience and expertise when it comes to pelvic health. Many of our patients have been to other facilities before finding solutions here at Oasis.


We have treated physicians, midwives, PTs, acupuncturists. Learn why we are the experts that the experts choose.

Personal Service & Individualized Care

Whole Body Approach to Spine, Hip & Pelvic Wellness

Not Just ‘Kegel’ Work

Extended, Comprehensive Sessions with Hands On Care

Assess & Identify the ‘Why’ of Your Symptoms

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