Birth Support & Postpartum Services

Labor & Push-Prep, Birth Doula, Prenatal & Postpartum Pelvic Therapy

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Birth Support & Postpartum Services

How do you envision your birthing experience? Any fears or concerns, particularly related to medical history or trauma? Are you pregnant and in need of emotional, spiritual, & informational support?

We provide Birth Doula support services from a unique medical and pelvic floor perspective. Preparing for birth is like training for a marathon miracle – is your mind and body ready? Are you informed about best practices?

Oasis Birth Support & Doula Service will help you navigate pregnancy, labor, delivery, and prepare for postpartum recovery from a pelvic floor therapy lens.

• Learn techniques to balance the pelvis and minimize likelihood of pelvic floor trauma.

• Partner training for hands-on comfort measures and pain mitigation by a PT-Doula

 Personalized strategies depending your unique history and birth plan

• Mind-body connection with your pelvic floor. Learn how to push yet surrender with opening.

• Empowerment and education postpartum digital support.

Vaginal or C-Section postpartum rehab for Diastasis Recti recovery, pain resolution, prolapse care, return to intimacy and fitness..

Birth Support & Postpartum Services


GOAL – Prenatal care, prevention, and birth prep by physio-doula.  Thrive in pregnancy, optimize labor-birth outcomes, and pelvic floor-sparing push techniques.  Package includes session at onset of 2nd trimester, 3rd trimester, ~ 35 weeks for push-prep and postpartum readiness.


Birth Push-Prep Partner Training

GOAL – Pelvic floor sparing push techniques & Partner training.  As a Spinning Babies enthusiast, principles of birth preparation are taught.  Given your unique needs and history, a 90 minute class for screening, instruction in optimal birth position options, pelvic preparation, psyche readiness, and comfort measures.  Class is hands-on and offers partner instruction. 


Premium Birth Doula – PT Partnership

GOAL – Birth support and skilled PT treatment per your discretion.  Includes onsite support per Birth partnership plan, traditional postpartum bodywork session, and (four) Physical therapy treatments, either pregnancy and/or postpartum.

Bengkung Belly Binding

Pelvic Floor PT & Bengkung Binding trained for foundation support & shaping.  Receive postpartum body work, therapeutic touch for womb wellness, core-pelvic floor breathwork coordination, and Bengkung binding.  Batik Bengkung Belly Binder (laced) and Ginger-Turmeric warming massage cream included supplied by The Birth Matron.


Postpartum Holistic Bodywork

GOAL – Pelvic TLC & Alignment – mobile home session at select locations. Did you know the pelvic bones influence muscles? The first step to healing is “closing of the pelvic bones” birth position. We offer a unique protocol of assessing & treating external pelvis, spine, ribcage, and fascial mobility which have a direct impact on the pelvic and core muscles. Instruction of movement and posture strategies and gentle breathwork exercises will foster blood flow and muscle activation to healing tissues.


Postpartum Core & Pelvic Floor Therapy

GOAL – Prevention & foundation. Therapist will come alongside you (as early as week 3) and ensure you’re healing well with early core foundation and manual therapy to “close the pelvic bone birth position”. Our methods help you feel better, function & move well for long term womb care. Sessions target reduction of diastasis recti, pain resolution, and foundational guidance of return to intimacy and fitness. Hybrid In-home mobile and clinic services available for select locations.


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Educate – Support – Prevent

Let Oasis be a part of your solution for chronic pain, bladder and bowel problems, sexual issues, pregnancy, postpartum, menopause transition & beyond.

I came to Sonya at 7 months pregnant in excruciating pain due to SPD. For the remainder of my pregnancy, she worked with me on pain management and gave me the tools necessary to move about the last months of my pregnancy comfortably. With every visit, her care for my true well being was so evident, and, it was the support I needed to get through that last trimester before I met my little one. What I most appreciated about my work with Sonya was the way she prepared me for labor and safely moving about my 4th trimester… We worked on breathing and pushing, and overall I felt very confident going in to have my son. That being said, I only pushed for 30 minutes with my first child. Thank you, Sonya – it was great!

Mrs. Gray

Thank you for all you have done for me on my journey.  Your techniques were amazing and I almost went natural.  The skills I learned helped me throughout the entire process  – I would have lost my mind without it.  You’re the best doula ever!


Working with Sonya has been one of the most amazing experiences. Sonya journey with me through prenatal preparation and postpartum. I can truly attest to the support and great care I received. Throughout my pregnancy, Sonya was not only a great source of information but also right there by my side. Sonya labored with my for over 20 hours and provided support that my body needed. I’m so happy with her services and would 100% recommend. With Sonya’s help, I was able to have the successful VBAC that I always wanted.


Personal Service & Individualized Care

Whole Body Approach to Spine, Hip & Pelvic Wellness

Not Just ‘Kegel’ Work

Extended, Comprehensive Sessions with Hands On Care

Assess & Identify the ‘Why’ of Your Symptoms

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